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About Me

Hi! My name is Suf. I am a research scientist working for Moogsoft – a leading AIOps company. My research focus is currently on Natural Language Processing applications for network state change classification. Specifically, this includes using word embeddings, deep neural networks with LSTMs, and transfer learning. Before I moved into the industry, I was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in data science at the University of Sussex for two years.

During my time as a fellow, I was responsible for exploring applications of experimental particle physics research to “big data” problems, including real-time detection of network intrusions and deception detection using static images and video data. I attained a Ph.D. in experimental particle physics at the University of Sussex, having worked on the ATLAS Experiment, one of the most extensive experiments on the Large Hadron Collider based at CERN for four years. My thesis title was “Search for the electroweak production of supersymmetric particles in three-lepton events at the ATLAS detector with focus on compressed mass spectra.” Before my Ph.D. course, I attained a Masters in Science (MSci) in physics at University College London (UCL). My passion is to continue to contribute to the frontier of research in the field of Machine Learning.

Machine learning is integral to every aspect of society. As such, there are fantastic opportunities available for those in STEM research to tackle stimulating and practical challenges outside of traditional academic research. However, these opportunities are not limited to those already in STEM, and this is, even more, the case in our current time where anyone can access courses, tools, and communities to gain knowledge and practical experience. I created this blog to serve as a resource for others who hold similar passions or are curious and want to make a start. With my blog, you will have a one-stop shop for the essentials for a career in data science. I will share the experiences I have gained on my journey from particle physicist to research scientist, which I believe will bring you success.

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